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Kevin Foy is a farmer, timber framer, builder and educator located in Central Vermont. Kevin studied Geography and Geographic Information Systems at Syracuse University. Most recently Kevin has worked at a technology company managing a large operation and international team of people related to data collection used in self driving cars.

After having met Angela, they decided to take on the challenge of off grid homesteading. The last two years Kevin had dedicated his spare time to building up the infrastructure to live on their off grid property. Starting from just a piece of raw land and building it up into a home with solar electricity, heat and hot running water. This adventure included growing a substantial portion of their own food. Homesteading was a way to be self-sufficient but it felt to selfish and led to a paradigm shift in goals from growing food not just for ourselves, but for others.


Kevin has always had a passion for the outdoors, natural processes and minimalistic living. Kevin has always been interested in health, nutrition, human performance and exploring ways to maximize all three. This has led him down a long winding  path of exploring models for optimum health. The corner stone of this being high quality nutrient dense food and how it is produced.  


Seeing a need for high quality, ethically raised meat sources, that is outside the industrial food system is what inspired Kevin to start Black Locust Farm as a model for sustainable agriculture.   


Angela's childhood was split between a small town in central Maine and a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina . She moved back to the northeast as soon as she graduated from ECU in Greenville, NC. She started her career as a Pediatric Nurse in 2008 at DHMC. Over the last 10 years as a nurse she become acutely aware of the direct correlation between food and well being. She holds strong to the belief that food is the foundation of health. As a self proclaimed foodie she also has a great respect for food that nourishes the body as well as the mind. Angela is also very dedicated to exercise and through her relationship with Crossfit she personally can testify to the importance of nutrition used side by side with exercise to achieve fitness.


Angela has always felt a sense of responsibility to care for her community and the people in it. She is extremely dedicated to the care of children at their most vulnerable and critical time. She is also passionate about preventing these crises by empowering the community in their nutrition choices to lead to health and well being.

Establishing a farm that produces high quality nutrient dense food that supports the well being of her community is her attempt at preemptive care that is necessary for a happy healthy life.


Angela has identified in her own life the power of food and the impact it has on bringing together community. Food dictates the trajectory of the day and is the foundation of feeling your best. She would love to help people understand that in life you may not be able to have control over a lot of things but you absolutely have control over what you put in your body. And once you believe this why wouldn't you want the most local and responsibly raised food for you and your loved ones. 


Kevin Nelson is a Spatial Database Manager at Dartmouth College. He studied Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the University at Buffalo. He is responsible for the oversight of spatial data, and the design, development, implementation and maintenance of Dartmouth’s Integrated Work Management System and GIS. A large part of his job involves overseeing the use of GIS and space data to increase the effectiveness of planning, and to improve the efficiency of operations management.


Through his volunteer work at animal shelters he became interested in studying animal behavior. This led to him gaining a better understanding of what it takes to make animals both physically and mentally healthy.

Through competing in Powerlifting, Kevin became interested in nutrition to maximize his performance on the platform. He took up hunting after realizing that it was the most humane way to obtain high-quality animal protein. Through properly managed hunting, animal populations are kept in balance while improving conservation efforts.


Unfortunately, hunting is not cost effective or sustainable for the population at large. Kevin realized he could use is GIS skills and knowledge of animal behavior to maximize land use while still maintaining the ethics and quality of food production. This is what led to his involvement with Black Locust Farm.


Austin Brose is an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about connecting the people in his community with the food that they consume. He believes strongly in the need to have a relationship with every aspect of where his food comes from and the sustainable practices used in a working farm. Austin was raised in Eastern Africa by a family who is passionate about food and the way it brings people together. He brings this passion to the farm where he strives to host community dinners while fostering relationships between the consumer and the producer.


Austin went to school at Moody Institute where he studied Education, he then went on to take those skills leading adventure trips all across New Hampshire and Maine for several years. Austin has spent 7 years working with high schoolers mentoring, guiding, and teaching. He has coordinated and led trips with an alternative boarding school, adventure companies, and local outing organizations. He continues to work in the Upper Valley organizing local hiking groups and adventure clinics while finding every opportunity to go mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking.


His desire for sustainable living led him to Black Locust Farm where he can teach others about healthy lifestyles and how to have a holistic relationship with the land. Austin dreams of hosting community dinners and events where he can share his passion for food and healthy living.

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