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At Black Locust Farm we highly value the individual and its contribution to the whole. We have taken a holistic approach to growing food and designing our farm. The premise behind Black Locust Farm is we need to grow food that is good for the soil, good for actors (livestock included) and good for our economy. Without equal weight to each of the three factors of the equation we believe long term success, however it is measured, is not possible. In the pursuit of this triple bottom line, we must not sacrifice short term gains for long term viability, sustainability and dignity.  

At BLF we have adapted some of the leadership principals from the Tech Industry and have applied it to our everyday farming and business practices. We have taken the most relevant points and condensed it down to a paragraph that fits within our framework and context. We take these principals seriously and have applied them to ethical and responsible agriculture while not compromising our triple bottom line:

We are obsessed with customers and their satisfaction. We work extremely hard to gain and keep customer trust. We require ourselves to invent and simplify. We are always observing our surroundings looking for new ways to innovate our products and process to save time money and energy. Frugality breeds this necessity for innovation. Having external economic constrains promotes invention, resourcefulness and efficiency. We have a bias for action and calculated risk taking. Mistakes are reversible and should be understood as learning opportunities and not failures.

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