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Farm Fencing

We specialize in high tensile and woven wire agricultural fencing for livestock. We are farmers first and understand the need for high-quality cost-effective fencing to keep livestock in and predators out. We also clear old fence lines of trees, brush, and debris. Repair old fences if possible and re-stack, repair, and rebuild stone walls.

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Junction of 3 wire internal fence and 5 wire high tensile perimeter fence.


Electrified 5 wire H brace assembly on the end of a fence run. Corner of stone wall fully rebuilt and rest of stones re-stacked and blended to original wall.


Gate assembly in the middle of fence run. This area originally had 15-20 acres of brush in either direction of the fence.


Area in front of the stone wall was excavated, brush cleared, and ground leveled for the fence. Stones roughly re-stacked on the back side. Three strand high tensile internal fence for cattle.


Top of a sharp rise in both directions with a triple H brace to share the tension in 2 directions. Brush and trees were cleared in the foreground.


Double H brace assembly in progress. Perimeter fence with high tensile woven wire and two electrified high tensile strands above for predator and live stock control.


Stone wall was completely rebuilt from the base upward.


Stone wall roughly re-stacked. 5 wire perimeter fence on the right side of wall utilizing a tree as post with protection for the tree.


Details of the end strain knot in high tensile wire.

Large diameter trees and brush cleared to accommodate high tensile woven wire fence on the left in image.


Brush cleared, stone wall rebuilt in the foreground, and woven wire installed just behind the stone wall.

Brush Control

In addition to our fencing services we also offer field mowing with a brush hog, pasture edge reclamation, and minor forestry thinning.

 Call us for a quote today at 802-698-3408

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